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Casting call tips

Fame Street has 100's of casting calls each month for you to apply for. First make sure that you meet all the criteria that's being asked for, such as height, certain looks etc. Once you have applied, the film studio will contact you direct if you are succesfull. This is an exciting time for anyone knowing that they could land a lead role in an upcoming movie.

We advice all members to apply for as many casting calls as possible to increase your chance of success. Remember there are usually many people applying for the exact same role so don't be disheartened if you don't get chosen, it's nothing personal and is normally due to you not having the particular look that the producer needs at that time.

Many times an audition will not be needed especially for crowd scenes and most often you will be simply given a time to show up and a description of what to wear; after all, you don't need much acting ability to jump up and down in a crowd or to be filmed sitting in a bus shelter waiting for a bus. If you are asked to audition then done worry, the producer will usually tell you yes or no without you having to actually do anything as the criteria will be largely based on your physical appearance which is something you have little control over anyway. If you do pass the initial selection phase then you will be asked to read a few lines given to you by the producer to test your acting abilities. If you do get the part then you can simply turn up and do as you're told - a bit like school really!

Once you have a few films or TV shows under your belt then getting future work becomes much easier especially if you get to know the producers and directors on set who may use you for future productions. Most people wanting to become an actor or actress have a mental block believing they are not good enough but this simply is not the case. As long as you have the right attitude and work ethic then the doors will open for you. Becoming a famous actor could set you as a celebrity for life! Whatever your look, age, colour or sex, there will always be a production seeking someone just like you.

You could play a parking attendant, a passer by in a street market, a policeman in a riot, a soldier in battle - the roles are numerous and plenty. With hundreds of TV shows and films in the making each week, producers are constantly seeking everyday people, old and young, male and female, ugly and attractive, fat or slim, black or white to be part of their productions to appear in their scenes - after all, can you imagine a park or high street with no one in it apart from the main actors or a pub, bar or nightclub with no people inside - spooky! Join free today and launch your acting career at Fame Street.

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