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Become a Disney TV Star!

Disney channel auditions
Ever wanted to appear on a Disney Channel TV show? We post Disney Channel auditions for dozens of shows each year and the producers are on the constant lookout for fresh faces and new talent. Fame Street post out hundreds of acting auditions for a variety of films and TV shows all across the World, springboarding ordinary people into stardom!

Although Fame Street is not affiliated with The Disney Channel, we will do all we can to put your details in front of the people that matter to give you the best chance of success. Join Fame Street free today.

Fame Street also post out hundreds of casting calls for the movies, including jobs for film extras, singers and performers all across the World. Registration is free and your online profile may be viewed by dozens of potential employers such as TV producers, film directors and even the general public that are making short films and are looking for fresh talent for their projects.

Success stories

Disney TV shows have churned out many of todays superstars who all began their careers as unknowns in various shows. Selena Gomez went onto global mega-stardom after her career lauched by played 'Gianna' in 'Barney & Friends'. Other singers include Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato who are two of the World biggest stars today. Othe notable cemebrities that owe their success to various Disney TV shows are Jennifer Stone, Bella Thorne, Zac Efron and David Henry ... You could be next!

Fame Street also post out 100's of life changing kids auditions for films and TV shows including reality TV, dramas, feature films, short films and music videos. Get auditions for kids on Disney channel and many other TV shows at Fame Street and kickstart your acting career today.

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