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Dalla K - Canada

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Aleks, England
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I joined Fame Street in 2021 and within 8 weeks I had my first paid acting job. The role was for a lead actress in an independent feature and this led to another role in a music video with the same film company. This has really kickstarted my acting career and I have made many new friends and contacts along the way.

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Johnnie, USA
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Since joining a few months ago I have had a lot of success with Fame Street. To date I have been cast in 3 short film and also a commercial for a high street brand. Its fun and exciting to get selected for a role and this has given my life new purpose. I highly recommend Fame Street to anyone looking for a careeer in the entertainment industry.

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Lachlan, Australia
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As someone totally new to acting, I was very concerned that I would not get any roles but this is not the case. Many of the casting calls are open to people with no experience at all. I have been a film extra in 4 short films and have now started to apply for lead roles. Exciting times ahead!

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Marleen, Germany
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"Since joining Fame Street I have been cast as a lead actress in 2 films and I also auditioned for a singing group. I feel my acting & singing career is now really taking off. Fame Street is a fantastic platform to get started.