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Singing. The Holy Grail of Talent

'The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best'

Singing is the undisputed champion of the talent world! Everyone wants to be a pop star. If you can sing and you have a great image then the opportunities open to you are potentially massive. This seismic shift in singing career opportunities is born from the explosion of TV singing shows such as The X Factor, Pop Idol and The Voice all of which have blasted television ratings into the stratosphere, influencing the music charts with impressive accuracy. In the UK alone since its inception, every Christmas number 1 (except for once) has been sung by that years X Factor winner.

In the not too distant past, to make it in the singing industry would require agents, people in the know, vocal training and a whole bucketload of luck. Most of that is still largely true today but the internet and websites like Fame Street are smashing down those barriers creating new ways in which people can pursue their dreams, without traditional agent or those mysteriously elusive 'people in the know'. The beautiful truth is now you can view dozens of new singing opportunitys each week at Fame Street.

Vocal coaching

A big bag of training can go a long way. Vocal coaching is a great way to hone your existing singing ability or can give you that initial boost up from sounding like an alley cat to some level of normality. A vocal coach will teach all the basics such as breathing to posture so that you can enter an audition confident that you will last longer than five seconds.

Most vocal coaches will do a free trial so I urge you to give it a go. It will save a lot of time and heartache if you can discover at the earliest stage whether you can blast out rock operas or if your singing voice resembles a fox in a vacuum cleaner. Without an 'entry level' of vocal coaching you may simply never be able to correct amateur flaws in your singing ability as you will never know you're doing any wrong in the first place. There's a whole raft of elements that go into creating a great voice so take heed of the following tips.

Learn the basics

When you sing (or even talk), many bodily elements come into play to create your own unique sound, the most important of which is how your position yourself. Standing upright allows for the full expansion of the diaphragm for the correct and efficient intake of air. Relax your shoulders, neck and stand with feet shoulder width apart. This is your default position for singing practise.

Breathing is a great way to stay alive! It's good for singing too. Learning to breathe in the correct way whilst singing is vital to maintaining your performance. By Learning deep breathing techniques, you will naturally bring out your best singing voice without exhaustion. Twice a day for a few minutes, breathe in deep from your diaphragm for a count of 8 seconds. Whilst breathing inwards it should be your belly that expands and fills with air but not your chest area. Hold for 4 seconds then release slowly through pursed lips for 10 seconds. Doing this will strengthen your whole breathing anatomy and will naturally increase your lung capacity making for a much more powerful singing voice.

Your voice is everything If you don't look after your voice including the anatomy that powers it, then your singing career will be no more. It stands to reason that the healthier your voice is, the better your singing voice will be. Good vocal conditioning is achieved with common sense and some sacrifice.

Warm up before singing! Would you curl a 20 kilo dumbbell without warming up or even solve a Rubik's cube without some pre-puzzle finger exercises? Always warn up before a practise session. The last thing you need is damage to your throat.

Record yourself and play it back This is the scary part. It's beggars belief the amount of wannabe singers that enter major televised auditions without ever hearing themselves sing. Be critical of your ability and determine where improvements are needed. Enlist family and friends for their opinions. Ask for brutal honesty. Yes, this may bring upset and tears but it's much better than becoming self deluded in a below par ability.

Sing in front of friends. Really? Yes its time for your first performance! One day you may have to sing in front of millions, you may as well start with your mates. Of course they may laugh, its will be quite odd to have you burst out randomly into song but at least you'll get some good, albeit embarrassing feedback.

Drink lots of water. A dehydrated voice is an unhealthy voice. Drink at least six glasses of water each day to keep yourself vocally sound.

Got the flu or a cold? Don't sing! No brainer really

Don't smoke. Another no brainer. Also you'll live longer

Avoid dairy. Dairy products can build up an excess of mucus in the throat providing a barrier to the free flowing of the breath and singing voice.

Don't overdo it. Practise plenty but don't over exert yourself. Your vocal cords are as delicate as they are precious. You need to give yourself time to rest and recuperate after a singing session.

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