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Huge Auditions to be in the Next BIG TV Series! Paid

supporting artist wanted

Age: Male & female all ages
Location: Worldwide, all locations
Genre: TV Production
Producer Independant
Payment: Yes

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Full details

Paid opportunity.

We are searching Worldwide for 20 people / actors actresses to be part of a new online film series called 'Paper Tweets' about a group of social media geeks of different ages looking to make real world relationships but are unable to break past the 'texting' barriers that is so common nowadays.

This ongoing film series will be shot in a webcam style so all filming can take place from your own home but you will need a good quality webcam (we will provide these to the selected actors / actresses

This is a comedy which will require filming of up to 2 hours per month and is paid and once a sizable audience has been reached then we will be looking to submit to various TV channels

This is a fantastic opportunity and could make you a house hold name as we have big ambitions for this.

You do not need any experience and we will consider everyone that applys but under 18's will need parental permission first to apply

Available roles

People of all ages

Under 18's - please get parental permission first

apply here today

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