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New Film 'The Download'. Actors all Ages Wanted. Paid!

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Age: Male & female all ages
Location: England, London
Genre: Feature Film
Producer Download
Payment: Yes

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Full details

We are looking for various actors / actresses & film extras for a film about a bunch of schoolkids that accidentally create the Worlds most popular social media app. The app is downloaded by millions of people all across the World but the gang has evil intentions as they are able to access everyones phone and use hypnosis scripts to put everyone under their control.

The film was written about 5 years ago but is only now being produced and is a fantastic script with many plots, turns & twists with dark humor, a bit of romance and a great twist at the end!

You may apply for more than 1 role but they are filling up fast

Available roles

Boys and girls aged 10 to 18

We need a bunch of youngsters, any look and colour to create the following gangs ...

- The geeks
- The 'in crowd'
- The goths
- The sports team
- The 'Inbetweeners'
- Background artists (film extras)

Male & females aged 18 to 35

A group of office workers that are heavily into social media

Male and female any age

Will be playing professions such as teachers, nurses and policemen

Male & female all ages

General film extras


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