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WorldWide Casting for Major Roles in Disaster Movie 'Target'

Be in an upcoming film

Age: Male & female all ages
Location: Worldwide, all locations
Genre: Feature Film
Producer Independant
Payment: Yes

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Full details

The year is 2029 and a huge meteor is heading for Earth. As the World watches a team of astronauts prepare for a daring mission to crash a nuclear missile onto the meteor to save the planet, however it seems that this is a project too ambitious to be successful.

This is a paid opportunity

This film will explore the fragility of our species and how amongst the millions of petty everyday disagreements to major wars, how in the end nothing really matters when faced with annihilation.

We still need many film extras of all ages for a variety of scenes including airports and busy streets with many speaking roles also available. The script is almost finalised and locations will be announced when final funding is in

We are excited to be making this film and hope you can be a part of it.

We need people of all ages from all countrys, anyone can apply but please do so soon as spaces will fast fill up.

Available roles

Boys & girls aged 12 to 18

"Please get parental permission before applying

Men and women all ages

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