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Film extra auditions for kids

Film extras will always be needed and in the vast majority of productions no experience is needed. There are different types of productions that require extras with different levels of exposure and pay. Fame Street post out many kids auditions for film extra roles each week. Some productions such as big feature films will need hundreds or even thousands of extras for various scenes - just think of big war films or sports films where huge crowds are needed. With these productions, the exposure is quite low and most everyone that applies will be accepted as these scenes are more about quantity than a particular look. Although you will probably be no more than a face in the crowd it is still a great kickstart to your career and a big tick on your CV for future applications.

The huge majority of film or TV extra work will involve a modest number of people to 'mill about' in a wide variety of scenes such as the street, pubs, parks etc to make the production look realistic. Sometimes a director may single out several people for close ups or even small speaking parts. You would usually be required for multiple scenes and this really is a fast track route into landing permanent acting roles. Some productions need 'extras' to be much more involved in the production, maybe to the point of co-starring in certain parts. This is almost akin to a full acting role and can launch your career if the film or programme is successful.

A lot of TV soaps use walk on artists to appear in scenes such as a local pub week in week out or maybe on a market stall. The viewer will learn to recognize those people as a general part of the production and so a speaking role would seem natural to the viewer as they are already familiar with the person involved. If you were to ever watch one of those 'before they were famous' TV shows you'll nearly always see big Hollywood actors playing these type of TV extra roles before they hit the big time. They made it and the opportunity is there waiting for you also, register now and just do it!

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