How to become famous

Anyone can become a star

'Be nice to people on the way up, because you may meet them on the way back down'

The following path to fame is being used more widely in recent years by females that know that ‘sex sells’. Over time, the extreme becomes the norm and what was once shocking becomes quite mundane. This method involves getting yourself noticed by the media for being someone that is new, fresh, fun and sexy. Even though you are an ‘unknown’, your antics can go a long way towards getting you noticed for nothing more than being, well, noticeable. The press are always on the lookout for a new personality they can ‘discover’ to label as the next ‘it girl’. The publics need for gossip combined with the medias’ job to supply it make this technique quite powerful.

To carry this method to perfection you will need to be an attractive or outrageous looking person, confident and with a brazen attitude to playing up to the cameras outside of top nightclubs. Waiting paparazzi are there to snap anything of interest that exits or falls out of a nightclub frequented by celebrities in the hope of a good ‘scoop’. The public love to see people off their face on drink or drugs staggering from a club in a mess and covered in beer. I’m not suggesting you get hammered first but making an amazing first impression is what will get you noticed. This method works well with a friend. Do it enough in the same hotspots which are covered by the same paparazzi and you will eventually get noticed, they will snap you more often and if they take an interest then those photos may well make it into their newspapers and magazines as ‘padding’.

Learn what nightclubs celebrities go to. You can do this by internet research or by reading celebrity based magazines. Celebrities paint the town red in many different venues, they are simply human after all and it’s these nightclubs that you want to target. Visit them on a ‘normal night out’ until closing time and make sure there are waiting photographers. The best type of celebrity nightclubs are the ones where pop stars and sports stars hang out as there wont be any photographers waiting outside a club where politicians or boring famous people go. Once you find a good nightclub you can put your plan into action. Get dressed up, have a great time, don’t get drunk!! You can either wait until closing time or if you spot a celebrity leaving you can follow close behind safe in the knowledge that the paparazzi will be on high alert expecting another celebrity to closely follow. This is your signal to go. ‘Fall’ out of the doors with your friends, explode your personality onto the photographers and act like you really are a celebrity. Flash some flesh but don’t bare all as that would be too distasteful, flirt, do whatever it takes to get someone to snap you and do the same week in week out until the paparazzi get to know you.

If you pull this off successfully and create media interest then the fame machine will swing into action. This is a road taken by many women that have then cultivated successful modelling careers on the back of their fame, appearing in men’s lifestyle magazines such as Loaded and FHM.

Kiss n tell

The ‘kiss n tell’ is a technique that some women have made a career out of. This method can badly backfire on you as if you make a popular celebrity look bad then the public will hate you. Public affections towards celebrities are emotionally driven and can be very fickle. Remember that when you are in the media spotlight the public only know the parts about you that the media choose to write about. They don’t know the ‘real’ you and so any negative criticism may seem very unjust, unfair or even untrue. Magazines and newspapers editors would eat a scabby rat to get their hands on an exclusive kiss n tell and the more high profile the celebrity, the more high profile your fame will be!

Being the person behind a kiss n tell exclusive is a very powerful position to be in indeed. Your story will be in hot demand by the public and the media will give you huge exposure which will lead to TV interviews, magazine deals and more. You may carve out a career on the back of it or the public may turn against you killing your celebrity dreams, although that in itself could be a good thing! Any publicity is good publicity.

Hugh grant (British film star) – not exactly a kiss n tell, more of an erm … encounter in a car with prostitute Divine Brown. Hugh was arrested and Divine put her Fame Machine into operation by going to the media and revealing all the (ahem) juicy gossip about their little escapade. Divine became quite wealthy and temporarily famous off the back the incident. Media coverage

Rebecca Loos – Rebecca started an affair with massive celebrity David Beckham who is married to Victoria Beckham from ‘The Spice Girls’ making the couple ‘celebrity royalty’. Rebecca went on to many high profile interviews, magazine and newspaper articles and because the public interest was so very high, Rebecca very smartly used the interest in her to create a celebrity out of herself and is still in the spotlight today. Media coverage

Abi Titmuss – British glamour model Abi Titmuss is a prime example of a nobody using an opportunity to play the fame game to perfection in every way. Abi was a squeeky clean nurse when she started an affair with high profile TV personality John Leslie. When the story broke, Abi used every method in the book to get maximum exposure in a way that kept the public largely on side. Abi went on to become a successful glamour model. For women that want the easy route to fame then Abi can be a good inspiration (if that’s what it can be called). Media coverage

Sell your story
Everyone has a story to tell. Maybe you have recently participated in a newsworthy event or media story, or you have a tale of triumph or tragedy to tell. It’s very easy to get an interesting story published. Magazines editors would bare knuckle fight a psychotic pitbull terrier to get their hands on a captivating story. Nearly all magazines will pay you for your story and if you get published then you could possibly get TV shows to cover the story too. Turn on any daytime TV show and they are packed with guests recounting tales of terror / luck / heroism, but also be prepared to have your whole life exposed if the media take your story to the masses.

My wife loves magazines, and I mean lots! Our local newsagent’s total profit margin comes from my wife’s purchases of these popular glossy women’s magazines. I have been collecting a wide range of these magazines over the past 6 months and analyzing the stories from the contributors and determining what genre of story seems to get published making the contributors famous to some degree, and the results are interesting. The following are the most popular and common types of stories that these magazines publish. If you have a story to tell then get it published before someone else with a similar tale gets there first. Most common stories in Womens magazines are:

I lost 15 stone in 1 year
My man slept with my sister
I exposed my cross dressing hubby
Pervert groped me in Asda
I was eating myself to death
I had my baby on my wedding day
My grandmother was murdered
I can’t say no to sex

The above examples demonstrate that there probably is something about your life that would interest others and it’s really easy to submit your story. Moreover it also demonstrates that generally speaking, women have an insatiable appetite for dramatic stories. Although the above examples are from Women’s magazines there are also men’s lifestyle magazines and many others. Visit your newsagents and clean the racks. All magazines have a ‘send us your story’ section. Once your story is published it could lead onto bigger things depending on the public’s interest. Personal stories must be met with serious consideration before sending to a magazine as some things you may regret letting the world know about leading to unforeseen repercussions. Think first, think very carefully. Fame can come at a heavy price

Recently I was watching a popular trashy daytime TV talk show, you know the ones, where families and friend come on to confront each other over everyday issues. Anyway, a woman came on who had foiled an armed robbery at her local supermarket and wanted to share her story. She got her story printed in a magazine which was in turn picked up by the mainstream media resulting in the TV appearance that I was viewing. I watched her story and thought no more of it until I logged into Youtube and there she was again bleating out the same story. The next thing she’s being interviewed on a major TV programme and then made that nights televised news story! She seemed to be on a mission to tell the whole planet about her experience. What happened next I hear you cry with as much enthusiasm as a cat in a kennel? Well she got herself a publicist; she went nationwide resulting in more magazines stories, web blogs and more TV interviews. For a short time she was indeed famous, however this type of fame can only ever be short lived. This woman played the fame game well and all from an initial magazine story over a life experience. Jump on the bandwagon

Sometimes, a whole new industry within Fameville can organically rise out of the blue giving you the chance of stardom by simply having done something in your past which at the time would not have been newsworthy at all. If something new captivates the publics attention of which you may have done in the past then all manner of new outlets will be created for you allowing for you to sell a story that you didn’t even know you had. Watch out for emerging trends! If there’s an upcoming new area of entertainment then recount if there’s anything in your own past or present that would make a good ‘attachment’ to it. If you do have something to add then contact the editors of the newspaper, magazine or TV station which is airing the story, but do it straight away before the publics interest wanes. Be very aware that your story may be seen by millions of people so decide if it’s something you want to make very public

The rise of a new industry

The East End of London was a tough place to grow up in after the war years, where many ‘fighting men’ emerged. Fighting was a way of life and one young man carved a fearsome reputation as a bare knuckle fighter. That man was Lenny McClean who spent much of his life as an unlicensed boxer battling both in the ring and on the streets. Being an ‘unknown’ street fighter was no reason within itself to become famous until a journalist took a fascination in Lennys life and ran a story about him in a major newspaper. Lennys life story of violence and fighting caught the publics’ imagination and a book ‘The Govnor’ soon followed about his life. This in turn led to acting roles in some great films such as Guy Richies ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ which in turn led onto Hollywood roles alongside Bruce Willis and other major stars. The popularity of Lennys book then spurred on a TV series called ‘Hard Bastards’ which documented the lives of other ‘fighting men’.

Many men of similar standing and life experience to Lenny saw the popularity of Lennys book and so chose to release their own books including Roy Shaw with his fantastic bestseller ‘Pretty Boy’. This new genre of fame was snowballing as the public were buying and watching anything to do with fighters and ‘hard men’. Gypsy bare knuckle fighters, crime lords and gangsters followed next with their own books and DVD’s and the whole ‘celebrity gangster’ culture was born! Gangster books & documentaries were now in hot demand and bookstores soon had whole areas dedicated to ‘factual crime’. Within a short space of time, the world had dozens of famous former criminals as celebrities which the public embraced. Some of these celebrity hardmen such as South London gangster Dave Courtney went on to release several books, produce and star in his own films, appear on many TV chat shows and is now a household name.

Another example would be David Peltzer who was shockingly abused by his mother as a child. He wrote about it as an adult in a book ‘A child called it’. The heartbreak and suffering of the young boy propelled the book to the best sellers list. Suddenly dozens of other children that were abused as youngsters decided to tell their own stories and a new genre was created known as ‘mis-lit (miserable literature), making many people famous authors by simply telling their childhood stories. So as you can see, whole new fame industries can rise from nowhere and become massively popular. Break a record

With the combined powerhouses of YouTube, smart phones and Google, a bit of smart marketing can capture the publics imagination and turn what you may think is something plain into a worldwide phenomenon. The Guinness Book of Records needs no introduction anywhere in the civilized world. There are thousands of records you could attempt to break, some are credible and some are just plain daft, but hey, if you’re a record breaker then you can use that tag line to push for magazine interviews. You can either spend time looking at existing records to attempt to conquer or you could simply make up a brand new one. Although the record may be hard to beat, the actual process is very simple and is explained in detail in all Guinness World Record books. It basically involves you needing two witnesses, an adjudicator and a video camera, simple! Getting scouted Opportunity knocks! Getting scouted completely out of the blue is a real fairytale possibility and will always make the most amazing stories to captivate a nation. There’s not much you can really do to get scouted as talent scouts, film producers and directors don’t normally pluck people impulsively and at random off the streets, but it does happen! Anyone can be whisked out of their everyday life unexpectedly for reasons you would have never imagined. All it takes is for you to be in the right place at the right time being spotted by the right person for the right thing.

A young boy with no acting skills or any desire to become famous or even be an actor was picked out of a crowd of kids by casting director Mali Finn who was visiting a boys and girls club. The young boy picked was Edward Furlong and was given the lead role as John Connor in Terminator 2.

An angry woman was creating a fuss in her local bank because she had to wait around to be seen and was growing impatient. Behind her was stood a top movie agent who was impressed with her ‘passionate performance’. The impatience woman was Charlize Theron who went on to Hollywood stardom.

Amn attractive woman was watching a televised football game with her boyfriend whilst wearing a Labatts T-Shirt. The TV cameras scanned the crowd for their usual ‘happy faces in crowd’ cutaway shots and caught a great shot of her. The public loved it, her boyfriend got some t-shirts printed of the screenshot. Labatts bought 100 and her career went into orbit. That football fan was Pamela Anderson

A woman was filling her petrol tank singing to herself. The customer behind was a music producer and loved her voice so much that he got her a record contract. The lady was Toni Braxton.

A carpenter was busy building a Hollywood movie set when a producer asked him to stand in for an actor that hadn’t turned up. The carpenter was Harrison Ford and the producer was Spielberg who then offered Harrison the role of Hans Solo

An unknown up and coming rapper had a chance encounter in a parking lot with the vice president of Warner Bros. The rapper was Will Smith

The year is 1986, London is doing the whole 80’s thing and Beth Boldt was on her lunch break wandering around Covent Garden in London when she spotted a 15 year old girl who was on a day out with her mother doing a spot of window shopping ( I’ve never quite understood why people shop for windows). Beth approached the girl’s mother and asked if her daughter would do a model shoot. Beth Boldt was the head a top model agency and the girl was Naomi Cambell. who quickly became one of the UK’s top supermodels and if still very famous to this day.

The people above had no idea they would be scouted as they were simply out and about doing their day to day things, but there are still things you can do, As in the ‘Whos that Girl’ nightclub technique, you can learn where head honchos of modelling agencies or even film directors may go in time of leisure and place yourself in their vicinity at the right time. It is a real long shot and I wouldn’t recommend the time and effort needed when the most likely outcome would be a restraining order for stalking but its worth a try, it cant hurt to try and get noticed by the people that could change your life. Other ways to get famous. Many times a person will be heading down to Normalville and accidentally get on the wrong bus and end up in Fameville. Here are some more ways that could get you the fame you crave. These methods have all been done for real by people many times but I am not condoning or suggesting you actually do any of them. That choice is yours. Most are quite obscure but could still get you some publicity on which to build your fame.


Streakers will always get their 15 minute of fame ( and their 15 hours in a cell ) Visit a televised sporting event and when the moment is right, strip and streak!

Impulsive Singing

Sing in the street, sing in the park, sing out loud everywhere! You will probably be arrested but maybe … just maybe, someone of importance might be listening! Maybe a prominent Youtube might be filming nearby. Who knows where it could lead, just ask legendary singer Toni Braxton how she was discovered!


In the same vein as the ‘kiss n tell’ if you have some potentially damaging news against a company or individual, then you may consider going to the media with it. Depending on public interest, you could be all over the news for your revelation.

To explore all possible routes to fame would take up several encyclopaedias. We have already delved into the most popular so here are some more quick-fire suggestions which could potentially lead to fame of some level. Lets see, you could win the lottery, write a book, invent something, be a hero in a disaster, photo bomb any TV camera you see etc. Snakes and ladders

Fame is like a ladder. The top rung being a global Hollywood superstar with the bottom rung being ‘Beryl from Cornwall’ that organizes the local cake fair. Fame is objective to the observer meaning that if I read in my local paper that my neighbour had foiled a robbery then to me she might appear somewhat famous for a short time (albeit on the bottom rung), to others they would hold an opposite view and not view her as holding any type of fame whatsoever. But what if the mainstream media and TV news channels then took up the story and now millions of people saw her story. Surely she would jump to the next rung of the ladder. But Beryl has now captured the publics’ imagination whilst a TV production company are filming a new series of Big Brother. Beryl is currently ‘hot’ in the news so they bring her in. Thrilled with the huge opportunity she is now somewhat a celebrity and moves up another rung on the ladder. She wins the whole show and once again moves up. After the show she’s now a household name and is offered a ‘spot’ on other shows. Beryl is now established and will remain so for some time. She wrote a book, appears regularly on daytime shows and is high on the ladder of fame, all from foiling a robbery. Sounds far fetched? It’s a true story and this is replicated almost daily.

Not everyone starts off at the bottom and works their way up, how boring that would be. You can enter the fame ladder at any point, think of Edward Furlong (John Conner in Terminator 2), an unknown that went straight into a major role. These any not isolated or rare example, they happen all the time everyday in every genre of talent, but watch out for those snakes! Just as east as it can be to climb the ladder you can easily slide right back down for many reasons. You may get a drug problem or maybe the offers of work stop rolling in. Maybe you left you wife for a model and the public turned against you resulting again in loss of work. In the world of fame, step up carefully and be mindful of how you actions now could affect your future.