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Modelling. All You Need to Know

Oh to be a famous model. It’s the career all women (and some men) dream of. Getting admired by thousands of people whilst being splashed across magazines and newspapers across the world. The path to becoming a famous model is somewhat straightforward but you will be competing in an extremely competitive arena. The first step to get a modelling career is to get a good portfolio together and this may be quite costly but think of it as an investment. Compiling a great portfolio means getting a good photographer. When I say ‘good’ I mean a photographer that’s not going to rip you off as there are many scams in the modelling industry. Find a photographer that’s been recommended to you, shop about.

Your portfolio will normally involve half a days shoot with a wide variety of shots, looks and scenery. This will cost money. Once you have a good professional portfolio you would need to make some high quality copies to send to potential employers. Although it’s always preferable to present your portfolio in person, sometimes this just isn’t viable due to distance or time. You can make acceptable copies with a good colour photocopier as you don’t ever want to send originals through the post. You can send your duplicate portfolios off to a huge number of modelling agencies. If you have no luck after a few months then you could maybe try other areas modelling assignments such as ‘lads mags’ although this may involve nudity and is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Its key to note that a photo will always be in existence so if you’re not comfortable with the world seeing you naked then don’t ever do it. To be a successful model is going to require something very unique that only you can create, a certain look that can capture the public interest or a look that’s very commercial. It may be that you’re a leggy attractive blonde but there are thousands of leggy attractive blondes trying to become models. You will need an edge, an image, something to give a ‘wow’ factor to anyone viewing your photos. A great photographer combined with a top make up artist will be able to manufacture a look that’s unique to you.

Glamour modelling

If you wish to pursue a more revealing type of modeling career and are not afraid to bare all (and are over the legal age) then furnish yourself with a portfolio of suggestive and semi nude shots to send to ‘lads mags’ such as ‘FHM’ or ‘Loaded’ and maybe even top shelf type magazines such as Playboy. These types of magazines can be viewed as artful or sleazy, it’s a matter of opinion but be aware that your photos will remain in the public domain or online till hell freezes over. Top celebrities such as Pamela Anderson kick-started their career in Playboy. There are also many women’s equivalents such as ‘Playgirl’ so guys can also follow this path. Just make sure you are stunningly attractive with a six pack!

Many young women enter the world of glamour modelling, which can include everything from ‘tasteful’ suggestive photos to full-on top shelf material. The latter is much easier to succeed in but is also an area that can bring problems into your personal life now and in the future, putting you in very vulnerable situations. For the most part you should aim at the top tier levels of modelling and then work your way down if you are unsuccessful. Just don’t go as low as the gutter.

Katie Price is probably the most famous UK born glamour model in the world appearing in thousands of publications. So successful is Katie as a model that it has led to her appearing in reality TV shows and even having a TV show that just follows her around in her daily life. Such is the insatiable appetite that the public long to know every single detail about the celebrity that they think they love. Katie no longer strips off but has used her astute business brain to transgress her career into different avenues and is now a household name appearing on various TV shows and several books and DVD’s.

The career lifespan of a glamour model is generally short but there is also a large appetite for older glamour models. Generally speaking, you should try to make your mark before you get too old. Other famous glamour that travelled other streets in Fameville include Kelly Brook, a former newspaper page 3 girl model who went onto TV presenting and acting. Nell McAndrew, another former page 3 girl shot to fame as the model for the Lara Croft game has produced fitness DVD’s as well as appering in many reality TV shows.


At the top of the tree are the supermodels whose careers have at some point gone into orbit. Unique looks and that added ‘x factor’ made superstars out of women such as Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen. Supermodels are usually linked to top fashion houses and grace the catwalks of London, Paris and New York. Top supermodels can command huge fees for fashion shoots with top labels fighting to sign them up. The worlds biggest supermodels are Gisele Bündchen, a Brazilian model with earnings last year of $45 million, Kate Moss, a British bombshell with earnings last year of $9 million and the Russian stunner Natalia Vodianova who notched up an $8.6 million pay packet last year

Commercial modelling

Another middle of the road modelling area is catalogue modelling and modelling for corporate advertising campaigns. If you wish to follow this route then you will need to join an agency that will get the work for you if they feel you are suited to a particular shoot. Companies big and small are forever creating advertising campaigns and so commercial models are in constant high demand. The last few years have seen a shift in the types of models selected for adverting campaigns driven partly by political correctness and women’s groups but also due to a ‘seen that a thousand times’ attitude of the public. Just recently it was announced that ‘grid girls’ are to be banned from Formula one due to the pressure from ‘women’s rights’ groups and I dare say they will disappear from boxing rings and other sporting venues in the near future. This will then lead to the banning of sexy models being used to advertise any product, and this is already evident and happening now. This is great news if you have more ‘average looks’ or are a ‘plus size’ model but in the same token will put other models out of work.

Top shelf

Nude and modelling for top shelf magazines is the easiest route to take into modelling but can lead to a situation where you can never progress your career any further. Not many fashion industries or high street catalogues will want a model that has posed for explicit magazines, that’s just how the world works at the moment; your reputation can become somewhat ‘tainted’ resulting in a lack of future opportunities. You may also have trouble getting a big break in other industries as people will judge you and label you as something that you’re not. You really need to think things through if this is the path you wish to take (both male & female). You will become somewhat famous but only within a certain niche of modelling, one that will not be as glamorous as it sounds. Being willing to expose yourself to this degree could also open avenues within the porn industry. If this is something you would want to pursue then go for it, but be warned, the porn industry is filled with danger. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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