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How Covid-9 Affected the Film & TV Industry

As the world changes with the coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest affected industries is the entertainment industry. We might have noticed that our entertainment options have narrowed massively. And the TV industry is one of the most affected. Forget auditions and casting calls – the industry is on hiatus at the moment. Let’s look a little deeper into this.

TV Soaps Have Been Cancelled.

As far as an actor is concerned, a casting call or audition for a TV soap means a chance at a steady income. But social distancing protocols have meant that production has been shut down. They are using up their advanced production by showing soaps one or two nights per week. But soon the back catalogue will dry up. Soap operas are hugely popular globally with audiences well into the tens of millions for many. But their future looks uncertain. Lower numbers of cast and crew look like they will be the future for soaps.

'Live Audiences' Are Gone

The days of an exciting TV show, with a live audience to build that excitement are gone for some time. Some TV shows are a success or a failure on the back of their audience participation. Think in particular Jerry Springer and the shows that follow in his footsteps or gameshows. But all shows with a live audience are suffering. These shows now have no audience at all, and really suffer from it. The programme feels wooden and lifeless. Not nearly as interesting to watch.

The Movies Have Suffered Too

Blockbuster movies such as the latest James Bond film have been put back indefinitely. The glamour of the movie industry has faded over the last few months. It isn’t just the movies that hit the headlines. Future productions are on hold. Aspiring actors looking for that casting call or audition are sat at home, waiting for a phone call that will never come. Even when cinemas reopen, social distancing measures will mean that screens will be playing to half full audiences at best. The belt will need to be tightened somewhere.

The City That Never Sleeps Has Gone To Sleep

Broadway in New York is a magnet for actors. Likewise the big cities across the world – London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, even Disney. All of these usually represent opportunities for actors to find a role and earn a living. But the city that never sleeps has gone to bed. Broadway is closed. We don’t know how long for. With this level of uncertainty, an actor’s life is one of stress and worry rather than glamour and glitz. We seem to view actors as those at the high end, earning millions per movie. But the majority of actors work hard at their craft and earn a standard wage. The Effect On Actors. One of the industries that has suffered greatly is the entertainment industry, Actors have suffered disappointment and a loss of earnings. Not usually employed by TV or movie studios, they don’t qualify for the furlough schemes that have saved many of the rest of the population. Casting calls haven’t happened for some time. Auditions have dried up. And there’s little sign of these returning.

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