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Nail that audition

Auditions are the bedrock of securing an advertised opportunity in film, TV, singing, dancing and many other areas of the performing arts. An audition is akin to a job interview and your level of preparedness can make it a success or a train crash of embarrassingly epic proportions. Most often you will be told what is expected of you prior to the audition. An advert for a singing opportunity will nearly always ask for you to prepare a song or to perform one already chosen, similarly an audition for acting will usually entail reading from a script available before the day. You may in any case just be asked to perform on the spot 'ad-hoc', who knows? To prepare yourself take heed of these standard practises so that you are as prepared as you can be.

First impression

When you first walk into your audition, do so with confidence. No slouching or bowed head, give the impression that this is an exciting time for you. Us humans make many unconscious judgements on strangers within milliseconds based on a huge amount of data ranging from facial expressions to body posture, so do all you can to 'light up the room'.

Prior details

If you already know what you need to do on the day then get it nailed down! Be more practised than your competition.


Use a shrewd approaching to your clothing. If it’s an audition for a role in a cowboy film then wear cowboy (or cowgirl) clothing. Visit a costume hire shop. Yes you may feel silly but you certainly will leave an impression on the producers tipping the scales in your favour if it comes down to the wire Show that you are ready to live the character, show them you are the only credible choice in the room.


If you are short-listed then you are going to get a barrage of questions thrown your way. As hard as it may be when put on the spot, try to give full answers instead of a simple 'yes' or 'no'. The casting directors know that you will be working with many different people on set and so they want someone that will interact and get on well with the crew and staff.


Absolutely do not be late! Get yourself into the area with a few hours to spare

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