How To Become An Actor Are you looking for how to become an actor? We post our casting calls and auditions as they are announced for you to apply to. The majority do not require any experience and are a great springboard for your acting career. Getting Started in Film and TV Create Your Online Profile Audition for Acting Jobs Take On Challenging Roles Enrol in Acting Classes Build Your Experience Promote Yourself Using Social Media Network in the Industry Stay Persistent and Motivated industry advice on how to become an actor And the best part of all of this? There is no experience needed! Although it may seem like some of your favourite celebrities just rocketed to success overnight, this is usually not the case. What many people don't realise is that the actors of today all had to start somewhere, and that usually meant working as an 'extra', background artist or taking other small roles in independent films which are usually poorly paid just to gain some initial experience and exposure. Acting Jobs Direct to You Here at Fame Street, we do all of the painstaking searching for you, tracking down relevant acting jobs for you to apply for. We have built a large database of current acting opportunities from all across the world. Casting directors are looking for people of all ages, races and appearances just like you to work on their film projects, so you are sure to find something that is suitable for you. Film directors reach out to us to list their projects on to our website, so the majority of the acting work that we have available comes directly from the industry professionals themselves. create your online profile Where Do Your Casting Calls Come From? Think of Fame Street as a huge casting call noticeboard where anyone can pin a message. You may wonder where we get all of our casting call information from. Fame Street has a dedicated team of researchers who have their fingers on the pulse of the entertainment world with many contacts built up since our launch over 15 years ago. Although we cannot reveal all of our methods, the following are just a few ways that our pages are constantly crammed full of life-changing acting jobs. Search 100+ Acting Jobs From Casting Directors There are thousands of film producers and directors worldwide ranging from independent student filmmakers up to top Hollywood movie directors. Likewise, there are just as many record producers, reality TV companies, street dance crews and others that use the Fame Street member database. This makes us a popular choice for industry professionals and the public alike. The bulk of our opportunities are submitted to us directly from the industry itself. On the trail Fame Street have a team of people stationed across the globe who are 'in the know' and spend their time out in the world tracking down amazing opportunities and acting auditions to pass onto our members. Our team are constantly tracking down hard-to-find opportunities through a combination of detective work, real-world contacts, sheer persistence and determination and by scanning through many specialist websites including social media every day. Stumble upon Fame Street has online volunteers including Facebook and Twitter fans who inform us as soon as they spot an opportunity that may be suitable for us. These can range from a local indie film production to a student film right up to a major movie that needs some film extras and actors. Fame Street then vets the opportunity so that it passes our quality threshold and then it is posted onto the website for you to apply to. Search 100+ Acting Jobs TV & Film Industry Fame Street receives acting work from film and TV companies from around the world every week. We are respected within the entertainment industry and this is why many production companies choose to use Fame Street exclusively. Acting Work From The Public Many of the casting calls on Fame Street come from people just like you! Maybe you're a filmmaker or are looking to put together the next big pop group. You can post an opportunity on Fame Street for free! Joining Fame Street Creating your online presence on Fame Street is free. Fame Street will never take any percentage of any money you earn. The pay rate for each job varies widely depending on the scope of the work and the size of the role. In most cases, you'll be able to pay for your full membership many times over with just your first job! Of course, if you decide that you could find all of these auditions and casting calls on your own, you are free to cancel your membership with us at any time. However, the amount of time you would spend tracking down auditions and casting calls yourself would take you away from being able to participate in them. That's why you are far better off letting us handle all of the heavy lifting for you. The biggest risk in life is to never take one. Join Fame Street and springboard yourself to stardom today! create your online profile Conclusion To wrap things up, always know that anyone from any background can make it into the film industry and can easily learn how to become an actor. This is especially true in modern times as a diversity push in film & TV is allowing for more opportunities for disabled, ethnic minority and transgender actors to have an equal chance when applying for acting roles. Start by registering to a trusted casting call website and you can begin applying for acting auditions straight away. Be prepared to initially take on small unpaid roles until you have built up your showreel and experience You can then apply for bigger paid roles and can then class yourself as a professional actor. The path to becoming an actor can be a tough one filed with rejection. Persistance is key. The only true thing in your way is yourself. Good luck!