A payment was taken

Full membership to Fame Street® is on an ongoing rolling subscription which is automatically renewed at the end of the selected subscription period. This is made clear on sign up, in the agreed terms and conditions and also on the payment page. This means that payments will be taken at the agreed intervals until you cancel your membership. If for example, you subscribe for 3 months then payment will be taken each 3 months until you cancel your subscription.

You may not receive notice that a payment will be taken as per PayPal, WorldPay and Stripes' own policys. Please do not request a refund if you have been charged a subscription payment as Fame Street are not able to refund in these circumstances.

I did not sign up for payments.

Fame Street® finds in nearly 100% of cases that a family member has used a card belonging to another member of their family without permission or that the original subscriber forgot that they previously subscribed.

No refund will be issued if a full member has used someone elses PayPal account or debit card without that persons permission (unauthorized transaction). This would need to be taken up with the authorities as a fraud case against the person that used your debit card or Paypal account. If your PayPal or debit card has been used without permission by someone your know or someone under 18 then you agree that Fame Street are not responsible for their actions.

You can cancel your subscription payments by following the instructions here.

A whole year was taken in advance.

The cheapest monthly option is taken as the full year in advance as shown on the Fame Street payment page and also on the PayPal, WorldPay and Stripe payment pages also also in the agreed including the terms of service, and so unfortunatly cannot be refunded. The annual subscription works out significantly cheaper over time.

I deleted my Fame Street profile but payment was taken.

Deleting your profile will not automatically stop your subscription payments. This is due to some members wanting to retain full membership benefits without having a public profile. You will need to cancel subscription payments by following the instructions here.

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