How Fame Street® was created

Fame Street was first lauched way back in 2001 to connect new actors to jobs in the film industry. Back then we was known as and although our website was terrible and we only covered London, we had a vision and drive to become the worlds' number one platform for actors, singers, models, dancer and performers.

The website was built in just 2 days and when we lauched we were the worlds first online casting call and auditions website with zero competition! There was no YouTube or Instagram, in fact Google didnt even exist! How things have changed. rebranded to Fame Street about 10 years ago and we have undergone many changes and updates. Fame Street® now operates in over 25 countries worldwide and are used by dozens of film and TV studios all across the globe.

Fame Street® continues to grow as a leading casting website. We welcome you to join our community today.

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