Exploring the Impact of Diversity in the Film Industry

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by Jason
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Over the past few years, the film industry has undergone some enormous changes for the better, and diversity within the industry has begun to improve, showing more representation for all races, genders and sexualities. Hopefully, this will help to secure a future where every type of unique individual will be able to see someone they can relate to both on-screen, and behind it.

The film industry has always been a pioneer of social change, with campaigns such as the 'Me Too' movement gathering steam, and bringing to light some of the most dangerous predators in the movie business, and holding them accountable for their crimes. The most famous example of this is, of course, Harvey Weinstein, producer of Pulp Fiction and Shakespeare in Love, who has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for his numerable sex offences against countless women.

These are all necessary changes which make the film industry a safer, fairer and more inclusive space to be in, and which has allowed women and the BAME community to take strong, interesting lead roles in films and TV, as well as behind the camera, in the director's seat.

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